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Organize. Build. And Search Your Tabs For Free.

Toby is a tab switch for modern browsers and modern workspaces. It allows you to create multiple sets of tabs, with home pages displaying each one organized in columns and rows. It also allows you to search your tabs. These two simple functions make Toby surprisingly versatile and useful...

Remove What You Don't Need, Use What You Do

Toby's primary usage is to allow you to be more productive. By organizing sets of tabs into different windows that you can show or hide on command, you can have several different workspaces for different tasks. You might have a reading list in one window, and tuck it safely away to do programming work in another window with each window having its own separate tabs and getting out of your way when you need it. This naturally reduces clutter in your workspace, too, which is an important secondary benefit. You can even search your tabs and windows to easily find otherwise-buried information.

A Solid Productivity Enhancer

This app isn't a great choice for people who don't already use a lot of tabs in work or play, but it's not intended for them. Although Toby does have a few bugs as of this writing, few of them are major enough to impact the usefulness of the app. For anyone who does a lot of work, uses a lot of tabs, or both, Toby is a fantastic app, well worth considering.


  • Very flexible
  • Fast


  • Small learning curve
  • Some bugs

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